The Tree House offers many opportunities for parent involvement throughout the school year. We believe that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers, and we therefore aim to include parents in the learning process and encourage them to actively participate in their child’s education.


Parent/Teacher Communication

At The Tree House, we believe that ongoing communication between parents and teachers is essential for the success of our students and our school. Good parent/teacher communication will ensure that we are able to identify and meet the needs of our students and the expectations of parents.

In addition to the ongoing dialogue between parents and teachers regarding daily school happenings via Brightwheel, we will also utilize various other forms of communication to keep parents informed about individual, class, and school news. The following are some of the ways in which we will communicate events, progress, and general news about our students and our school:

  • Monthly Newsletter:  This monthly publication sent on the first Friday of each month, keeps parents in the know of events and programming throughout the school, not just in their child’s classroom.
  • E-mail: Teachers will use the Brightwheel app to relay information to parents about issues such as school closings, reminders for field trips, school news, and announcements for special activities at the preschool. Parents may email their child’s teachers at any time with questions or concerns. Please know that teachers main responsibility throughout the day is with your children. They will reply to messages as soon as they are able.
  • Telephone: All teachers and staff are available to speak with parents by telephone when needed. Parents will be provided with all relevant school phone numbers.
  • Class Lists: Each family has access to the private roster which contacts the class list with the names and contact information of The Tree House students and their families. In the event that a new student is added or a student leaves the school, it will be revised online immediately.
  • Conferences: Parents may sign up for one-on-one conferences with their child’s teachers to discuss developmental progress and set individual goals. Conferences will be offered in the first semester and again in the second semester.
  • School Events: Open houses, family activities, and special events also provide parents with the opportunity to engage in further dialogue with their child’s teachers.
  • Parent Questions, Suggestions and Concerns: We encourage parents to discuss any questions or concerns they may have with their child’s teachers and the Head of School. We do ask parents to reserve discussion of more detailed matters for after school hours, so that the teachers may ensure the safety of the children during class time and offer their full attention to parent concerns. We encourage parents to share any relevant information concerning their child that will help teachers better meet that child’s needs, such as changes in a family situation or recent changes in the child’s behavior or disposition. We welcome parents to check on their child at any time during the school day.