The Tree House Episcopal Montessori School in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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Our Staff

NAME                                     POSITION
Summer Stough                    Head of School
Lisa Snarski                           Office Administrator/Art Teacher
Beth Barrineau                      Co-Lead Teacher, Primary East
Laura Hayden                        Co-Lead Teacher, Primary East
Lee Ellen Grahame                Lead Teacher, Primary West
Nichole Moriatis                    Lead Teacher, Pre-Primary
Kaitlyn Grahame                    Assistant, Primary West
Dawn Silk                                 Assistant, Pre-Primary
Amy Usewicz                           Assistant, Pre-Primary
Peyton Gore                             Admin. Floater/Library/Aftercare
Cindy Geeker                           P.E. Teacher/Aftercare Staff
Raven Kight                             Aftercare Coordinator
Lexi Morganelli                       Classroom Floater/Social Media

The Rev. Richard Proctor     Chaplain