The Tree House Episcopal Montessori School in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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“Our sons, John Henry (5) and Whit (5) were one week into the Montessori program and when they would come home from school, they were playing with their toys in completely different ways! It was thrilling to see such creativity coming as a result of this type of education.”

-Heather & Eddie Cowen, Parents of two former Tree House students


IMG_3016“We have two children, our daughter and son went to the The Tree House and sending our children there was one of the best decisions made by our family. We highly recommend this school for so many positive reasons. For one, the teachers are able to create an environment about learning and respect. The teachers have a love for the profession and a sincere interest and concern for the students. They have the understanding of what it takes to achieve this with any child.  We can honestly say that we feel fortunate that our children have attended this school. It has been such a great pleasure to see our children’s academic, maturity, and social growth improve beyond their grade level.”

-Kate & Brian Christenson, Parents of two Tree House graduates


“Our 5 year old thrived at The Tree House Episcopal Montessori School. We are amazed at her social, emotional, and mental development within a Montessori environment. The school teaches kindness, compassion, & respect for her peers and herself. We have great peace of mind taking her to school everyday, knowing that she is in a positive and loving environment. The teachers truly cared about our daughter’s well being and development.”

-Linsey & Jeremy Keich, Parents of a former Tree House student


“Montessori has had so many positive impacts not only on both of our children Henry (6) and Daisy (4), but also in how we parent. The more we learn about Montessori education at The Tree House, the more we realize that it truly does provide the strongest schooling option and instills a love of learning into both our children at the earliest age. It’s priceless in our minds!”

-Michelle & Daniel Uhlfelder, Parents of two currently enrolled Tree House students